Love Your Baby - Breastfeeding and Beyond

Born to love... born to breastfeed.

What could be more natural than breastfeeding a baby? Mothers frequently share common concerns. Feeding your child is natural and simple if you have the information and motherly know-how. A mother who wants to feed her child naturally needs access to the information and answers to important questions and problems straight from the experts.

New mothers often find that getting their newborn latched-on and feeding is not always an automatic and instinctive behavior. You are not alone! Most mothers seek information and reassurance that they are properly nourishing and caring for their babies.


The latest research into the differences between human milk and infant formula continues to prove that mother's milk is the superior feeding choice for human babies. Your breastmilk helps to defend your baby against illnesses; viruses and bacteria. While even breastfed babies can get sick, their illnesses are usually briefer and less dangerous compared to formula-fed babies.


Once you establish your nursing relationship with your newborn, you can safely think of it as an affectionate, social interaction. You are not required to count the feedings and measure the amounts given, and wonder if your baby has gotten enough. Just as you do not count or measure the amount of hugs and kisses you give your baby during the day, nor are you required to measure feedings.


This is a special time to enjoy together and cherish, knowing you give your child the very best nutrition and love that exists.

A woman's body was made with the biological ability to nurture and feed her infant! Mothers empowered with information, support and encouragement can succeed at nursing their babies. strives to provide the latest up-to-date information from the World's leading research and opinions on breastfeeding, lactation, and child development... and that means everything to do with loving your baby!

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