Breastfeeding Problem

Many women experience a breastfeeding problem at some point in their nursing relationship - with a new baby or later.

There is more than one type of challenge and many, many solutions and suggestions that may help you. Knowledge is power - if you are reading this article, you are seeking the solutions to your difficulty and you are already on the path to success!

Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers


Breast engorgement is painful overfilling of breasts with milk. It's usually caused by an imbalance between milk supply and baby's demand. This breastfeeding problem is the second most common reason that mothers stop breast-feeding sooner than they had planned.

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Receiving a bite from your baby while breastfeeding can be painful! Remember, if your baby is properly latched onto your breast and nursing, they are not able to bite your nipple.

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Sore Painful Nipples

Some women experience sore nipples in the early weeks of breastfeeding. Some experts attribute early nipple soreness to hormonal changes and getting used to breastfeeding. Early pain may be considered normal as long as it passes and is not accompanied by cracks, bleeding, or other nipple trauma.
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Blocked Milk Duct

In the case of a blocked milk duct the pain comes and goes. If left untreated it may develop into a breast infection or mastitis. There are many factors that can lead to this problem.
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Blood in Breast Milk

The general reaction to blood in any situation is distress and concern. You may be worried that the blood signifies a serious medical condition or you may be nervous that the blood can hurt your baby.
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Breast Infection - Mastitis

A breast infection or mastitis is an inflamed area of the breast that has become red, hot, and tender to the touch. It produces flu-like symptoms in the mother and usually does not enter the milk so it is recognized as safe to continue nursing your baby through an episode of mastitis.
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Lactation Induced Infertility

The contraceptive effects on fertility while breast feeding can function as a protective barrier against a new, unwanted pregnancy or alternatively present an barrier to bringing a desired new baby into the family.
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Short Frenulum - "Tongue-Tied"

Some babies with tongue-tie breastfeed effortlessly while others struggle. Babies with a short frenulum may have problems latching on, maintaining suction, and moving their tongues in the wavelike motions necessary for effective breastfeeding.
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