Iron Rich Food

Eating a balanced diet that includes food iron rich food can help prevent iron deficiency.

Fe Deficiency Anemia and Prevention

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrition deficiency amongst babies, children, and childbearing aged women. Iron deficiency in children can cause delayed development and damaged health.

Prevent Iron Deficiency

Exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of life reduces the risk of childhood anemia. Iron absorption from human milk is 2 to 3 times higher than any other food or supplement for babies.

Include a variety of foods in your child’s balanced diet. After solid foods are introduced at around 6 months of age you may begin to add iron-rich foods. Consult the iron rich food list for more food suggestions.

Some babies require iron supplements. Babies born premature or babies suffering from various illnesses may require iron drops and parents should consult their doctors regarding treatment and dosage.

Improved Absorption

It is possible to improve the way your child’s body absorbs iron by eating foods from different sources such as particular raw vegetables and meat. Foods that are rich in vitamin C such as citrus and tomato are known to increase iron absorption.

Avoid giving cow’s milk for at least 12 months as it is low in iron and may also cause bleeding in the digestive tract which contributes to anemia.

Food Suggestions

FoodMiligrams of iron per 100 g foodfood portion containing 1 mg of iron
chicken/beef liver8.810 grams
cooked beef5.515 grams
cooked turkey meat4.820 grams
sardines4.025 grams
tuna fish in oil1.21/2 can
cooked chicken0.81 drumstick/leg or 1/8 of the chicken
FoodMiligrams of iron per 100 g foodfood portion containing 1 mg of iron
pure tehina/tehini 9.0 2 teaspoons
sesame halva 6.0 15 grams
tehina sald or prepared tehini 4.92 tablespoons
oat flakes 4.52 tablespoons (before cooking)
almonds 4.415 pieces
dried figs 4.02 pieces
cooked spinach 3.51/ cup
humous 2.63 tablespoons
cooked garbanzo beans 2.41/4 cup
cooked dry beans2.31/4 cup
cooked lentils2.21/3 cup
dried dates1.74 dates
brown bread1.72 slices
cooked green peas1.41/2 cup
cooked potato1.41/2 potato