Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk

Your baby getting enough breast milk is a very reasonable concern and many mothers worry about it.

Often we are accustomed to living in a world of weight and measurement... if we can't see exactly what's going in, how do we that it is?

Signs That Breastfeeding is Going Well - Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk

Your baby feeds a minimum of 8 times in 24 hours. Many new babies seem to "want to nurse all the time." It is common for a new baby to breastfeed frequently and as often as every hour. This is a sign that your baby is stimulating your body to make the right amount of milk. When a breastfed baby feeds frequently it helps increase and maintain a healthy milk supply.

You can be reassured that your baby is getting enough breast milk if your baby has at least 6 wet diapers every 24 hours. Logically, what goes in must come out. Appropriate urine output is a good indication that your baby is getting enough breast milk. Urine should be pale in color. Read more about what baby pee can tell you.

Your baby has regular bowel movements By day-6 of a baby's life he should be producing yellow or turning-yellow stools that are soft and loose. Up to one month of age, babies should have at least 4 stools per 24 hours. After the first month, babies develop a regular pattern. Some babies produce a few small stools per day while other babies produce one very full "poopy" diaper every few days.

Read more about what to expect in your baby's diaper in this article about baby poop.

Breastfeeding is not painful. Breastfeeding is a pleasurable physical experience - at best - and a neutral one - at worst. Nipple pain is an indication of a problem. The most common cause of nipple pain is a poor latch or connection between baby's mouth and the breast. Other causes of nipple pain include baby having a tight frenulum or thrush in mother and or baby.

Baby is gaining weight steadily - appropriate to his age.

Is my baby getting enough breast milk? Click here for growth charts.

During a feed, baby's sucking rhythm slows as milk flows, and swallowing or gulping can be heard

Your baby is healthy, active, and alert and skin appears healthy. When your baby is getting enough breast milk, he has energy to grow and develop.

Your baby is content in between feeds A baby who is not getting enough breast milk would surely let you know! A content baby is usually NOT a hungry baby.

Baby getting enough breast milk and Breastmilk Jaundice

Estimated Milk Intake per 24 Hours

how to know if baby is getting enough breast milk

Milk Intake Calculator

Average number of feedings per day

Average per feeding, ounces Average per feeding, mL
Low range, ounces Low range, mL
High range, ounces High range, mL

Important: This calculator is for healthy babies older than 4 weeks and excusively breastfed.
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