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Baby growth calculator results are often an important focus for parents, friends and relatives but what do these intriguing results really add up to???

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Children grow at different rates. Some children will grow and develop quickly, while others are grow at a slower rate. These rates are usually not reflective of your baby's health status. After birth, babies may drop between 5% and 10% of their birth weight. Breastfed babies are heavier than bottle fed infants in early months. Later in the first year, breastfed children are often thinner than bottle fed children. After six months, the build of a child is generally dependent on characteristics inherited from their parents.

Baby growth calculator and growth percentiles. Many mothers take great interest on where their baby "stands" on the baby height and weight chart. A mother with a baby in the "5th percentile" may be concerned that her baby is "too small" when in fact what is really means is: that out of 100 babies of the same age, 95 babies weigh more and 4 babies weigh less.

The baby height and weight chart and baby growth percentiles

Charts are useful as a gross guideline. Other factors may effect your baby's growth like genetic and ethnic differences. Mothers usually know best about their own babies!

Standard baby height and weight charts are NOT based on the "average" breastfed baby. Most percentile graphs and growth charts are not specific for breastfed babies unless otherwise stated. Your baby has his own growth pattern chart and a healthy growth pattern for ANY baby continues in a steady upward curve.

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