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How to Make Playdough

It's easy to make Playdough! Toddlers and children of all ages benefit from this great activity and can spend hours at a time with it. My favorite Playdough recipe is simple to make.

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Love Faith of Love Your Baby

Love Faith (Erika) of love your baby is a happily married mother of 3, a licensed physical therapist specializing in child and baby development with diplomas in lactation management and counseling.

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Calcium Rich Diet

calcium rich diet

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Prevent Osteoporosis

How to prevent osteoporosis is one of the most studied subjects in the U.S.. How can you make sure that both you and your family will have calcium rich food and a healthy lifestyle for healthy bones?

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A galactocele is a milk cyst or clogged milk duct co

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Breast Lump

If the breast lump is hard, uniform in shape, and you can move it around it is probably a clogged milk duct, galactocele, or abscess. Other types of breast lumps are

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Freezing Breast Milk

Freezing breast milk guidlines and chart

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Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Is getting pregnant while breastfeeding common? About 19% of lactating mothers will become pregnant by the twelfth month if no contraceptive method is employed.

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Breastmilk Jaundice

Breastmilk jaundice is normal and usually peaks at between 10 and 21 days. The best way to treat it is

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Breastfeeding Bras

Here's what to look for when you shop for breastfeeding bras.

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Public Breast feeding

Mothers have a right to public breast feeding and there is a common fear of exposure. Learning how to breastfeed discreetly can be comforting.

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Blood in Breast Milk

It can be frightening to see blood in breast milk. The bleeding will not harm your baby and it is fine to keep breastfeeding. Blood in breast milk is not uncommon.

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