Baby Biting

Is your baby biting you after nursing?

Receiving a bite from your baby while breastfeeding can be painful! Some mothers are ready to wean their babies after one bite however biting is rarely the sign that he or she is “ready to be weaned” from breastfeeding. The most common reason for biting at the breast is Baby’s sore gums as a result of teething. At the teething stage, it is natural for babies to bite and chew on anything that they can.

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Sometimes babies bite at the breast when they are congested, have a sore throat or an ear infection. These ailments make it difficult for your baby to swallow properly and may be a cause for accidental biting.

Remember, if your baby is properly latched onto your breast and nursing, they are not able to bite your nipple. While feeding, the nipple is drawn back far into the baby’s mouth and the tongue covers the lower gum. In order for your baby to bite they would have to stop nursing.

Once Bitten…


If you have ever been bitten, you will not want your baby biting you again! Here are some helpful suggestions:

It’s never too early to teach your baby. Use a firm tone of voice to explain, “No biting.”, “Mommy is not for biting.”, “Ouch! Biting hurts Mommy.” You can let your baby know that you are not for biting and offer them something else like a teething ring or a toy.

While your firm voice conveys how serious you are about not biting, a warm cuddle or snuggle will also convey that you still love your baby and will help teach your baby that you will not allow them to hurt and you still love them.

If biting has happened more than once and you have developed a fear that it will happen again, look for cues that signal that Baby is finished feeding and use your finger to break suction and end the feed before the bite.

Be persistent. It may take some working on before Baby realizes that Mommy and biting don’t mix. Biting is a hurdle that can be overcome and you will have passed on a valuable lesson to your child.


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