Chart For Breastfeeding Premature Baby

The chart for breastfeeding premature baby is useful for both premature babies and special needs babies.

Getting started may be a very challenging effort for a mom overwhelmed with the hurdles she faces with a premature or special needs baby. Some of these suggestions may offer helpful guidance for the early stages of breastfeeding a premature or special needs baby.

Chart For Breastfeeding Premature Baby - suggestions for challenges faced

Challenge Suggestions
Worried about succeeding at breastfeeding Keep realistic expectations.

Give yourself time.

Baby's weak rooting reflex Provide skin-to-skin contact.

turn your baby's head towards your breast

Help your baby to open his mouth.

Form your nipple and bring your baby to your breast.

Baby falls asleep at your breast Wake your baby during the feed.

Stimulate your baby to nurse.

Breast feed frequently for short periods of time.

Weak suck Use the DANCER position to help with negative pressure in baby's mouth.
Nipple preference Nurse your baby after expressing until your milk lets down.

Avoid using pacifiers and artificial nipples.

Cup feed or finger feed.

Baby seems uninterested Kangaroo-care and skin-to-skin contact.

Familiarize your baby with the smell of your milk.

Is baby getting enough milk? Work together with medical care staff to determine number of soiled/wet diapers to expect each day.Weigh baby before and after feeding.

Consider renting a baby-scale to use at home.