Breast feeding Nipples Sore Troubleshooting

Breast feeding nipples soreness and pain may have many causes. Use the troubleshooting chart as a guideline to find the cause, check, correct, and prevent nipple pain.

The most common causes of breast feeding nipples sore ness is poor positioning or latch-on, and or improper sucking by the baby. Sucking problems are commonly caused by a problem with the position or latch and usually a baby who is latched-on to the breast well will also suck properly.

The soreness caused by poor latching and ineffective suckling hurts most as you latch the baby on and usually improves as the baby feeds. Mothers describe the pain as stabbing or knife-like.

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Breast feeding Nipples Sore ~ Causes and Prevention

Causes Check, Correct and Prevent Sore Nipples
Newborn suckling Check for correct latch

Make sure your nipple goes far back into baby's mouth

Hold baby close so that nipple isn't pulled

Poor positioning when breast feeding Make sure baby has a good mouthful of breast.

Hold baby close so that nipple isn't pulled.

Baby is frantic or overly eager Respond early to baby's hunger cues.

Help your milk to flow by expressing a small amount before baby feeds.

Baby nursing on the end of nipple Break suction with your finger and re-latch.

Use rooting reflex and wait for baby to open mouth wide.

Make sure nipple is being drawn far back into baby's mouth.

Irritants causing breast feeding nipple soreness Wash breasts with water only.

Apply Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers for lubrication if needed.

Wear soft and supportive bra.

Use less detergent or try different laundry products.

Baby teething leading to more feeds or chomping on nipple Nurse before giving solids rather than after.

Don't be a teething toy! Sooth baby with other techniques besides nursing.

Stop when baby bites and resume nursing when baby is hungry.

Baby falls asleep and clamps down Use your finger to break suction when baby falls asleep.

Remove baby before he falls asleep.

Poor positioning Baby's body must be aligned with his head.

Baby's head must be facing and level with breast.

Thrush Consult with your doctor for thrush treatment

Throw away or boil items that baby puts in mouth.

Sensitivity to lotion or ointment Stop use.
Damp nipples that don't seem to dry Check for leaking milk.

Stop using breast pads that have plastic liners.

Change pads frequently.

Wear only cotton-blend bras and fabrics.

Air dry breast after nursing.

Unsupple nipple skin improve diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eliminate or decrease intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.

Stop usage of soap and drying agents on nipples.

Poor milk let-down Use massage and relaxation before feeds.

Apply moist heat before breastfeeding session.

Tongue-tie Consult with pediatrician about having the frenulum clipped.
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Avoid breast feeding nipples being sore by using proper positioning and correcting baby's latch.