Mothering Your Nursing Toddler by Norma Jane Bumgarner

Book Review

I borrowed and read an early edition of Mothering Your Nursing Toddler when my first born daughter was nearing her first birthday. Though I had already made the decision to continue nursing her it was comforting to read the information provided by this book.

I have since reread the book for reinforcement and reassurance. I've used it as a reference, and I often refer to a copy of the latest edition for myself as I continue to have more children and as a guidebook for supporting other mothers.

I especially appreciated the chapter that dealt with how to deal with negative criticism from others and the deliberation of whether to keep the nursing relationship a secret or not. I appreciated that the author didn’t spend time psychoanalyzing!

I enjoyed reading about the author's own experiences as well as those of countless nursing dyads. The things toddlers have to say about the topic are precious!

In addition to being a magnificent resource on breastfeeding, I regard this informative and loving book as a guide to parenting as well.

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler is a great manual for moms who have chosen the path of extended breastfeeding.

Beyond the health issues and benefits, are you and your baby enjoying your breastfeeding relationship? If your answer is, yes, and you and your child are both still enjoying the closeness of breastfeeding, why give it up?

Breastfeeding mothers know that nursing is more than food; it is an act of love. This continues when the baby becomes a toddler. Breastfeeding provides you with an easy way to give comfort when a toddler is unwell, sad, tired, or hurt, possibly making mothering your toddler a little easier. Anyone without bias, who has ever observed a breastfeeding toddler or an older baby nursing, can bear witness that there, is something dreamlike, something exquisite, something far beyond “just getting a milk fix” going on. A toddler’s pleasure in nursing is far beyond just the milk.

Mothering your nursing toddler is more than "just the milk".... Toddlers grow and develop at such a rapid pace the closeness that comes from breastfeeding can provide stability and serenity like nothing else. Breastfeeding ensures physical closeness between mother and child as life is sometimes hectic even (perhaps especially) in the happiest of homes - especially in families with older children or with mothers working outside of the home.

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